Another Songwriting Partner, Jack Tempchin, Writes on Glenn Frey

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Jack Tempchin wrote Eagles hit Peaceful Easy Feeling and Already Gone with Glenn Frey.

Tempchin and Frey were buddies and songwriting partners for decades. Their friendship pre-dated Eagles.

“Glenn Frey and I were friends for years before the Eagles,” Tempchin shared of Facebook. “His music plan was simple: He was going to have a band with the best players in the world. And the best singers in the world. And the best songwriters and the best songs in the world. It would be the best in every way and soar high above all others”.

“Others wish and dream… But Glenn was always willing to do the work that makes dreams come true”.

As well as the classics, Tempchin and Frey also co-wrote Eagles songs The Girl From Yesterday (Hell Freezes Over) and Somebody and It’s Your World Now (Long Road Out Of Eden).

In the 14 year gap when Eagles had broken up Tempchin and Frey wrote Glenn’s solo songs You Belong To The City, Smugglers Blues, I Found Somebody, True Love and The One You Love.

“Glenn and I wrote songs together for fourteen years while the Eagles were apart. I will be singing those songs for the rest of my life and always be thinking of all the fun times we had writing them and living our dreams. And I will think of my great friend, a truly “stand up guy” who kept his promises to others and to himself, the strongest minded and the funniest person I ever knew. I will miss him everyday. Love you Glenn, Jack Tempchin ”

Jack Tempchin also wrote Slow Dancing, the hit by Johnny Rivers as well as songs for Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, George Rush and Tanya Tucker.

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