What is Peter Cetera Up To? Says He Has Big Announcement on the Rock Hall After New Years

First Chicago's Robert Lamm said that Peter Cetera would be joining the band for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Then, a day later, Robert says he has received a message saying that Peter would definitely not be in attendance.

That leads to yesterday when the world heard from Peter Cetera for the first time on the subject with a rather cryptic message on his website saying that he will make some sort of big announcement after the New Years.
December 23, 2015


Yes, that’s right. Tell all your friends, tell the press, tell radio, TV, newspapers, why you can even tell The Pres, Hillary, Trump everyone. I will make an important announcement on this site after the New Year that will shock the WOOORRRLLDD! Ok, maybe not the world but at least maybe parts of the USA and Canada!

Ill have a statement that will come from me and me only regarding my participation in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Ill speak to you shortly after New Year’s day with my earthshaking announcement regarding the Hall Of Fame!

Ciao, Peter
Most likely, Cetera wouldn't be setting up for a "important announcement" if it were to just say that he wasn't coming to the party, but why draw it out in such a way? Was it really necessary to shoot down Lamm's statement? Was he upset that he didn't get to initially break the big news? Are there big negotiations on songs, stage time, etc. going on?

It looks like we won't know until at least January 2...unless someone slips with news before then.


Anonymous said...

Peter Cetera is extremely childish. Obviously he had originally told Robert Lamm he would join the band. Then Lamm was asked a question about whether Cetra planned on attending in an interview and he answered truthfully. Because Cetera has a huge ego and is a bit of a diva, he had a tantrum because Lamm stole his thunder. There was no malicious intent on Lamm's part. He probably shouldn't have spoken for Cetera, but Cetera's overreaction is ridiculous. It was simply a mistake. And if it was such a secret, then Cetera needed to tell Lamm that it was a secret. I imagine he screamed at Lamm via email and said he wouldn't join them (in a fit of rage). I have seen Cetera live several times and he is known to have temper tantrums. At the Lake Tahoe show that I attended in October, he swore at a fan for ruining one of his jokes. He also lashed out at several audience members who were videoing him on their iPhones. He said it really "p*ssed" him off.

In Cetera's original post he lashed out at Robert Lamm with the following (now deleted) sentence:

"Unlike a certain MR. Lamm who not only chose to speak for me, which of course he's not allowed to do, but also misquote me, this statement will come from yours truly."

How childish is THAT??? "Unlike a certain MR. Lamm..."??? What is he, twelve? Nope. He's in his 70s and still acts like a brat.

And his brother Kenny Cetera also lashed out at Lamm on his Facebook page with a post mockingly saying that "Bobby Lamm" thinks he's Cetera's spokesman now. (The post has since been deleted.) It's worth noting that "Ken" Cetera referred to Robert Lamm as "Bobby," even though Robert made it clear years ago that he wanted to be called Robert." It was an intentional and childish dig on Ken's part.

Peter Cetera has always been a diva. His refusal to be in Terry Kath's daughter's documentary about he father speaks volumes.

It's truly a shame, because Cetera was an awesome bass player. But as a person, he has a lot of growing up to do.

Sfollato said...

The best announcement is that he will do a Chris Jenner and start transitioning into a woman. The only way to remove his testosterone based male arrogance. The Glory of Fool should be the next single.

Anonymous said...

History shows that those who are dickheads about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are not thought of too kindly.

Anonymous said...

My money is on the announcement being that he will dig up and reanimate Terry Kath's body for the induction ceremony.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how sad this is turning out to be. This is why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame took so long to do this.
It took thousands of fans to override the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to get Chicago deservedly in, and instead of just showing the heck up with the rest of the band members, it seems like Peter Cetera wants the spotlight on himself.
Well, as a longtime fan (plus) let me write, I completely understand Peter Cetera's bitterness as the last years with the band must have been pure-de-hell for him, and thought he could do better on his own. So Peter Cetera did. Good for him, but this particular accomplishment isn't his alone, it's the band.
I am upset that the press is making SUCH a big deal about 'Peter Cetera' to begin with. When Chicago finally got inducted, he was the LAST thing on my mind. I was ecstatic for James Pankow, Lee Loughnane and Walter Parazaider, you know the horns, that took Chicago from being just another band --- to THIS band. Then I thought that it would be nice for Michelle Kath, as this would be so fitting for her, and finally I thought about Danny Seraphine; and how great it would be to see them all together again.
Robert Lamm was being interviewed about the induction, and what he said is what he believed at the time. It happens. I do not feel for one moment that Robert meant any maliciousness or trying to steal any thunder away at that moment about this; and for anyone in Peter Cetera's camp, including Peter Cetera, to make it more than what it was is just awful and petty.
If it were me, I'd be more than happy seeing James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Lee Loughnane, Michelle Kath and Danny Seraphine accepting with James William Guercio (Guercio, not Schiverelli, sorry!) inducting them in. I mean, hey there have been SO many folks at the RRHOF ticked off with each other, but had the decency to just show up and shut up.
If Peter Cetera's 'earth shattering' news is that he will be there BUT wants to play with his own band, let me be the first to say: Not Interested and I hope the RRHOF sends him a resounding "not on our watch buddy".
If it is that he is sending a representative to accept for him, then fine, it's for the best, I for one won't miss him - and an FYI - now that more folks will know what kind of an a-hole he really is, his ticket sales as a solo act won’t be boosted by this kind of behavior either!
However if the announcement is Peter Cetera saying he will be fronting a few gigs this summer and fall with the band, that's nice, but I would have liked a joint press conference and I will still think of Peter as a old-assed-brat as this will probably be a disaster, and he'll throw a tizzy-fit and won’t show up and disappoint even more folks. I have no trust for the man now.
Look, all of these men are old enough to be my grand-dads and life is just too short for this kind of kindergarten mess with Rock's highest honor. My parents were super fans of theirs, are now passed away and would have loved to see this. Fans loved...the team.
I think Jason Scheff, Keith Howland and Tris Imboden have been more than wonderful these past 20 some-odd years, but the RRHOF is honoring only the original 7; especially the horn 3. Peter Cetera's head should shrink quick and STOP believing his own press - it's because of the Horn 3, Lamm's compositions, Danny Seraphine's extraordinary drumming (every drummer idolized him!!!) and the late Terry Kath's superior, original guitar (and BASS!!) playing -- that Chicago IS Chicago.
I have to agree with the fans who think that if Terry Kath were still alive, he wouldn't go for ANY of this Peter Cetera ego-tripping mess. Thanks for singing, Peter Cetera, but please, please please...stop deluding yourself into making this your spectacle, vehicle, singularity! Don't ruin Michelle's night either, it ain't about YOU. It is...Chicago (and if it takes a fellow born New Yorker to drive that point home, then so be it!!!)

Be humble, or stay the hell home.

Anonymous said...

Peter Cetera is a total dick! No one has cared about him for the last 30 years and now suddenly he thinks he's a super star who can pull diva crap like this? Stay home, dude. Stare in the mirror and sing "I'm So Pretty." The rest of the boys will do fine without you.

It was Lamm's and Pankow's songs that got Chicago on the charts in the first place.

darkmagus said...

What's that???? Come on guys!! Most of us stopped to listen Chicago when Peter left the band. This guy was the voice and the hitmaker behind Chicago in the late 70's and 80's !! I'm cannot believe all the shit I read on this post!!!! I respect the band, but if Peter posted that on his website, it's because he think it's better to do this. Who are you guys?? Do you work in Chicago organisation ? Please stop your joke, and listen Chicago's last album if don't like Cetera!!

Anonymous said...

darkmagus--I don't work for the Chicago organization nor Cetera's but I have been at every Hall Of Fame ceremony since its inception and I can say that it's ridiculous when inductees wont come together to be honored for the night.

Cetera is NOT being inducted as a solo artist, and I think that is everyone's point of view here. Making it seem like it's "all about him" and making the fans think "if it weren't for him they wouldn't be inducted" is not a good impression to give, especially in a "group" induction situation for anybody. I agree with all that is asking for him to be 'humble' about the honor and try not to make it seem "all about him".

It's the BAND Chicago, and if one really gets into detail, it's for the band's early work, hence the 25 years one has to do do qualify for induction.

Anonymous said...

Cetera..hit maker??? Give it a rest! Chicago was a counter culture band for its time and the singing was split between Lamm and Kath. Peter was BARELY heard of back then. And make no mistake...Chicago is about the HORNS. The HORNS, or they would be just another rhythm "band" of that time. The Horns made them revolutionary. Please.

Anonymous said...

Who is Pete Cetera?

Anonymous said...

Who is Pete Cetera? Exactly.

But stay tuned, they're still picking people for Jackass of the Year 2015 and he's a top contender.

Anonymous said...

"Cetera..hit maker??? Give it a rest! Chicago was a counter culture band for its time and the singing was split between Lamm and Kath. Peter was BARELY heard of back then.


I love the revisionist history that goes on by ignorant people who try to rewrite history.

One the first album, Peter and Terry sang about the same amount. Terry sang Introduction, Peter sang Questions 67 & 68. Terry, Peter and Robert sang I'm A Man. Peter and Robert sang Someday. Lamm sang most of the rest.

In subsequent albums, it became more split between the men with Lamm becoming much less "dominant".

Be pissed at him for (allgegedly) not joining ... he hasn't actually said anything except that he's making an announcement. But don't be an idiot who rewrites history to say Robert and Terry split the singing and he didn't. Jackass.

Mandi7882 said...

And after all of this, let me be the first to thank Mr. Cetera on his recent outreach.I know many may not even like that, but I think it's wonderful, fair and the best thing ever as Chicago gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I would only add...let James William Guercio do the honors of inducting them in and it would be a phenomenal night.

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