Terry Bozzio to Release a 4-CD "Life's Work" Project

Legendary & award winning melodic drummer, Terry Bozzio is releasing worldwide, what he calls a “Life's Work” project of Art & Music on the Japanese label Ward Records in December 2015. Bozzio is embarking on a world tour to promote it starting in Japan and Europe in the fall of 2015 & continuing throughout the US & other territories in 2016. Terry has worked with Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Korn, UK, Missing Persons, Mick Jagger, Robbie Robertson, Alan Holdsworth, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, Quincy Jones, Ken Scott, Metropole Orkest, SMAP, Loudness' Munetaka Higuchi & “X” Japan's Hide - as well as Film score composers Basil Poledouris, Mark Isham & Patrick O'Hearn. Bozzio is a Grammy winner, RockWalk Honoree, Modern Drummer magazine's Hall of Fame Award, Rolling Stone's Top 5 Drummers of All Time!

Says Bozzio, “I've been composing, (not just song writing, like for Missing Persons & Jeff Beck) since the '70s. I compose in all styles (as one might classify them), from classical to ambient, electronic, film-like to fusion/rock or jazz. I have my own character or personality, it's unique. I work with many different processes from writing notes on paper, to recording live, to several different computer software applications I may use, that are suited to the particular result I am trying to achieve. Both Zappa & famed musicologist Nicolas Slonimsky encouraged me to compose & I have had my Chamberworks performed at the Vienna Jazz Festival & in Holland w/Metropol Orkest.”

He continued, “I first got interested in Art & Sketching at the encouragement of renowned artist Don Van Vliet (aka: Captain Beefheart) who I played with on my first Zappa/Mothers of Invention tour in 1975. Don was always carrying markers & paper & it looked like fun, so I bought some myself & started. He was very encouraging. Last year, I released my first project called Rhythm & Sketch in collaboration with the art group Scene Four. It's been successful & inspired me to do more. (available at www.terrybozzioart.com)”

Terry Bozzio fulfilled a major 2 & 1/2 month US solo tour in 2014 in which he displayed his art as a stage set while performing melodic, tuned melodies on his strikingly large drum set, to sold out crowds.

“I thought it would be great to share this music which I’ve been working on & keeping to myself for so long. I hope to show a different side of my expression from what people are used to seeing from my solo drumming. And, I wanted to have an abstract painting to represent & be paired with each title to create this hybrid project of music & art,” Bozzio explained.

The Composer Series contains 59 individual pieces or movements of compositions with a painting in a booklet for each title, along with detailed liner notes for each piece, explaining his concepts, feelings, process and approach for each. It will be available in a deluxe hard-cover artbook which includes Terry Bozzio’s hand drawn illustrations and commentary for each piece, audio CDs & a solo drum performance Blu-Ray shot in Japan in 2015 (w/bonus footage), 192kHz/24bit Hi-Res audio of the 59 pieces on Blu-ray and a bonus DVD including 60min talk session of Terry Bozzio with Masa Ito. The material will also be made available in CD/DVD or 4CD/Blu-ray for record stores, as well as in many or individual downloadable formats online.

The album will be by direct sales only with the Premium Edition including 4CDs, Blu-ray, Hi-Res Audio Blu-ray and Bonus DVD (region free) and is limited to 500 sets.

All discs are enclosed in a hard-cover book along with Terry’s hand-drawn paintings and commentary (includes Japanese translations), with Terry's autograph. Fans purchasing the Premium Edition could participate an album listening event and autograph session with Terry Bozzio on December 18

CD Track list:

Disc 1 (Fusion1)
  • North 101
  • Joe
  • Existential
  • Psychic Energy
  • Arabia
  • Cityscape
  • Offering
  • What Is A Memory?
  • Watched (Under Surveillance)
  • Me, Jeff & Tony
Disc 2 (Fusion2)
  • Marked Man
  • Al & Doug
  • Blues for ?
  • Miles
  • Fascist
  • Heavy Metal
  • Beast
  • Psychopath
  • Db Modal
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • hree Friends
  • ADD
  • Rondo for Woodwinds
Disc 3 (Classic)
  • Six Miniatures for Guitar & Piano
  • Far East
  • Music For Idiots
  • Three Postcards From Japan
    • Ukiyoe (Full Version)
    • Matsuri (Festival)
    • Haiku (Go-Shichi-Go, 5-7-5)
  • The Courier
  • Sunday Morning
  • Wisteria
  • Mayumi
  • Afro-Industrial Fugue
  • Orchid
  • An Adventure in Modern Spain
  • Elegy
  • Drama
  • Herr Nordegg
  • What She Never Heard
  • Ukiyoe (String Quartet Version) (bonus track)
Disc 4 (Ambient)
  • Silenced
  • Self Deceived
  • Anime
  • Liquid
  • Displaced
  • Conversion Process
  • Perception of Honesty
  • Trees In Winter
  • Dream
  • Document 2.5
  • Siren
  • Dark Energy
  • Yon wa no Karasu (4 Crows)
  • Fractalization
  • Shrine
  • Cloud Chamber
  • In Memoriam 9-11
  • Alone
Blu-ray/DVD Contents (region free)
  • Terry Bozzio Drum Solo at Landmark Studio
  • Bonus: Introducing Terry Bozzio's Drum Set (Terry Bozzio's Drum Set set up and take down time-lapse video)
  • Audio: Blu-ray: Linear PCM Stereo / DTS HD Master Audio
  • DVD: Dolby Digital Stereo / Dolby Digital 5.1ch Surround Sound
  • Audio Blu-ray
Bonus DVD
  • Terry Bozzio and Masa Ito Talk Session (Run Time: Approximately 60 minutes)

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