Steve Perry Has Been in the Studio Since March Working on Next Solo Album

Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry would like to get a new solo album out. He just can't seem to get it finished.

Perry told Los Angeles' 100.3 The Sound that he's been in the studio pretty much since last March working on the set and looks forward to getting it out.
There’s been so many rumours that I’m in a studio, that I’ve been in there for years.

The truth is that I finally went into the studio in March and I’ve been in there ever since, trying to finish this record.

I certainly am looking forward to finishing it. I want to get it done, probably, in the early part of this coming year.
Perry was with Journey from 1977 to 1998, singing on seven of the eight biggest albums by the band. While still a member, he released his two solo albums, 1984's Street Talk which included the top ten hit Oh Sherrie, and 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine. 

Since leaving Journey, he has made occasional appearances but has not released any new music.

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