Previously Lost Alan Price Album to Be Released January 15 via Omnivore

Before the Animals, there was the Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo. Formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 1962, the group would transform to their better known name after Eric Burdon joined as lead singer.

Price was known for his organ player on the Animals early albums but left the band in May 1965, forming The Alan Price Set and eventually going solo. Although he never had major success in the U.S., he scored three top ten hits in the U.K. with I Put a Spell on You (1966 / #9 U.K.), Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear (1967 / #4 U.K.) and The House That Jack Built (1966 / #4 U.K.). He would do it again in 1974 with Jarrow Song (1974 / #6 U.K.).

But there was an album by Alan Price that was supposed to be released in 1974 that never saw the light of day. Not only did he have his first big hit in seven years, but he had also just come off the very successful soundtrack to the Lindsay Anderson/Malcolm McDowell film O Lucky Man!. Price’s movie score drew nothing but raves. With praise like this, anticipation was in the air, greater expectations on the wind — from both clued-in music heads and Price’s record label, Warner Bros.

The March 18, 1974 issue of Warners’ house organ, the weekly Circular magazine, teases Price’s “forthcoming album,” which is described as “every bit as good as O Lucky Man!” But the LP that arrived was Between Today and Yesterday, not the expected Savaloy Dip. Somewhere after the release of O Lucky Man! hit stores in the summer of ’73 and spring of ’74 is the brief space within which Savaloy Dip breathed.

Warners A&R VP Lenny Waronker couldn’t recollect why, but for some reason Savaloy Dip, scheduled to be the follow-up to O Lucky Man!, was scotched. To complicate matters, a few 8-track versions of the album were pressed (at Ampex’s Elk Grove Village, Ill. plant) and distributed before being recalled. Price salvaged one track from the project, Between Today and Yesterday, as the centerpiece for his subsequent album.

On January 15, Omnivore Records will release the recently unearthed Savaloy Dip which they have mastered from the original tapes. Also included in the package are new liner notes by Gene Sculatti.

The track list:
  • Smells Like Lemon, Tastes Like Wine 

  • Willie the Queen 

  • You Won’t Get Me 

  • Poor Jimmy 

  • Savaloy Dip 

  • Keep on Doin’ It 

  • Country Life 

  • Passin’ Us By 

  • Over and Over Again 

  • And So Goodbye 

  • Between Today and Yesterday 

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