Hold the Presses: Peter Cetera Will NOT Be With Chicago at Their Rock Hall Induction

Earlier today, we reported that Chicago member Robert Lamm had said that both Peter Cetera and Danny Saraphine, who were original members of the band, would be joining them at the April induction ceremony.

Lamm has now issued a statement correcting what had, evidently, been a misunderstanding. Cetera does not intend on being with Chicago for the ceremony even though he is one of the members being inducted.

Lamm told Billboard "I've mistakenly said Cetera would be playing. He has emphatically declined. My email exchanges with Cetera were misinterpreted by me, and I've apologized to him, and likewise apologize to the music press community and fans."

As part of the original interview that Robert had with Radio.com, he said that Cetera was open to a reunion performance or tour at some time in the future. Peter had said in the past “I’ll never say never, but I don’t want to do that right now.”

It appears he doesn't want to do it in April, either.

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Mickstah54 said...

As a musician myself, I understand the band dynamic, and the unfortunately frequent difficulty of getting along with former bandmates. I know you can't ever know the real story behind the scenes either, but if it's true that Cetera left Chicago on his own to pursue a solo career, his unwillingness to join his fellow bandmates during the hall induction is a major dick move.

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