Elvis Presley Still at Number 2 in Britain After Eight Weeks

The British are in love with the newly orchestrated Elvis Presley.

If I Can Dream, the new Presley album with added backgrounds by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is number 2 on the Christmas Day chart and, over its eight weeks of release, has yet to drop below number 3. It debuted at number 1, where it stayed for two weeks, followed by a total of four weeks at number 2 and two weeks at 3.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the album is at 163 and is actually the fourth of five albums on this week's Billboard 200 behind three of his Christmas compilations.

Farther down in the top ten, Jeff Lynne's ELO holds at 7 and Rod Stewart at 9 while Enya falls out of the top ten, dropping 10 to 13.

There are no veteran artist debuts.

The top five albums by veteran artists:
  1. If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. Alone in the Universe - Jeff Lynne's ELO
  3. Another Country - Rod Stewart
  4. Dark Sky Island - Enya
  5. The Very Best of Cilla Black - Cilla Black
The top five albums overall:
  1. 25 - Adele
  2. If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  3. Purpose - Justin Bieber
  4. A Head Full of Dreams - Coldplay
  5. I Cry When I Laugh - Jess Glynne
The top five singles:
  1. A Bridge Over You - Lewisham & the Greenwich NHS Choir
  2. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
  3. Sorry - Justin Bieber
  4. Hello - Adele
  5. What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
Veteran Artists at number 1 on other British charts:
  • Albums
    • Download Albums - Now That's What I Call Christmas - Various Artists
    • Rock & Metal Albums - Alone in the Universe - Jeff Lynne's ELO
  • Tracks/Singles
    • None


Guillermo said...

Sales of the album in Britan stand at 820,000 copies, corresponding to about 80% of the worldwide total, which is currently at 1,034,000 copies. By December 31,continuing sales should take the album to the 25th position, worklwide, while retaining its #2 posiiton in tbe UK, as the second biggest selling album released in 2015 and the forth biggest selling during the year, after Adele's, and two albuyms released in 2014, namely Ed Sheeran's X and the latest by San Smith. Presley's If I can dream if the biggsat album in the UK by a foreign artist, as well as by someone who is non active.

Surist Oberoi said...

Elvis was the king and still is the King . Previously, in his life time one had to sell a million record to qualify for a gold disc. Today this number is 50000. Calculate by today's standards, how many he would have sold? Maths any one?

Brian said...

Actually one has to sell 500,000 copies of a single album in order to gain a Gold Disc.


Brian said...

As of 8th January, 2016, Elvis' 'If I Can Dream,' album has sold 921,076 units in the UK alone thus earning it Triple Platinum status (900,000). The next milestone will be a million sales which, with a bit of luck, should happen around the end of February, 2016. The general public can't get enough of Elvis in the UK, unlike his native country who appear to prefer UK artists.

Brian said...

As of 12th February, 2016, Elvis' 'If I can Dream' album has sold 988,422 units (approx.)in the UK alone. Another 3 weeks should see it top the million mark.

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