Barbra Streisand on Taylor Swift, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump

by Newsdesk

The Hollywood Reporter released an interview with Barbra Streisand. The iconic performer (and Sherry Lansing Leadership Award honoree at THR's annual Women in Entertainment event this morning) reveals how Yentl turned her into an activist, why she admires Taylor Swift and how far Hillary has come: "At first she was a bit stiff."

She admires Taylor Swift for challenging Apple, but doesn't listen to new pop stars:
I loved it. By the way, she and I are the only people who had platinum albums last year. Isn't that fun? I love that! But I don't have time [to listen to new music.] Because I'm working on music now, I never even put music on in my car. I can't.
On Hillary Clinton:
At first she was a bit stiff, uncomfortable. But I know her in person, and she is warm and lovely and brilliant and speaks without notes.... So I think she's now amazing. She has found her voice, which is her voice. Some women, at the beginning of our so-called "Women's Revolution," were trying to impersonate men. And it's like, "No. Realize the full power of your being — the power of the feminine — and use that.
On Donald Trump:
He's funny. He says the same things over and over and over again. I mean, come on. Don't you have to have a background like Hillary or Bernie Sanders has? When I listen to the things he says, I think, "This thing can't be happening.

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