Tommy Lee Confirms It's Time For Motley Crue to End

by Newsdesk

Tommy Lee thinks it's the right time for Motley Crue to come to an end, as playing country fairs wouldn't be a "good look" for them.

The 53-year-old musician has been drumming in the band since it was formed in 1981 and now joins Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Vince Neil in the final line-up. The quartet are currently coming to the end of their Final Tour, which began in Grand Rapids last July and wraps in Los Angeles on December 31. Fans hoping for a comeback will be left disappointed, as Tommy has confirmed this really is it for the Girls, Girls, Girls rockers.

"It’s definitely the last one," he told "We decided about seven years ago after a meeting in a hotel room in Japan. We didn’t want to fade off into the abyss and end up playing county fairs, it’s not a good look. We have done what we wanted and in fact kicked the (heck) out of it."

Having played the drums for so long, Tommy has finally acquired his dream kit; a see-through set up which lights up when he hits the drums. He feels this enables the audience to get a better view of his skills as he isn't hidden by various barrels.

With New Year's Eve getting closer and closer, Tommy is still trying to get his head around the fact that it will be their last ever show together. "I can’t imagine what that will be like," he sighed. "I think about it every time we play now, because every time we finish a gig, in a small way, it is the last time for that crowd. I tell you what though - it’s going be weird. Man, it’s going to be weird."

There's been plenty of fun along the way, although Tommy remained coy on the details. Quizzed on the most outlandish backstage demand he's made, the music icon revealed it was a "kiddie-type paddling pool" filled with mud.

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