Three Dog Night Announces David Morgan Has Been Brought in to Replace the Late-Cory Wells

Three Dog Night have announced that David Morgan will take over on vocals with the band. They recently lost founding member Cory Wells who died on October 20.

Their statement:
Los Angeles based performer/instrumentalist/songwriter David Morgan has joined Three Dog Night on the road. David has toured and recorded with a variety of artists including George Martin, Ray Charles (who recorded his song, “Now I Don’t Believe That Anymore”), Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bruce Hornsby as well as working for many years with TV/film composer Mike Post.

“David has a super versatile voice that stands out on the bluesy leads as well as warmer lyrical songs,” according to Danny Hutton, the band’s founder, “plus he blends beautifully with the rest of the band on harmonies. He has come in with a lot of grace but no drama or ego and allowed us to get back to a more original three-voice structure on a lot of the hits. Our first show was really well received and we feel very good about upcoming shows.”
At the age of 12, Morgan formed his first band in Hinsdale, IL and, in his late teens and early-20's, spent time touring around the country. He eventually settled in Los Angeles where he toured and recorded with the artists above along with the likes of the Association, Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, Little Richard, Leonard Cohen and many others.

Once he started a family, Morgan began working in television and movies to stay closer to home, including being the singer on the TV themes for Who's the Boss and Hardcastle and McCormick.


Anonymous said...

NO ONE can replace Cory Wells! He was the voice of Three Dog Night. They should just retire the group and respect Cory's memory.

Anonymous said...

I agree...without Chuck all these years was one thing, but "One Dog Night" now with Cory gone?? The proper thing to do is end the band - they had a heck of a run, but nothing lasts forever.

TML said...

I agree that Cory Wells cannot be replaced. I loved Cory's voice and it kills my that I will never hear that voice again. David Morgan replace Cory???? Nothing against Mr. Morgan, its just not the same I just can't do it. I just don't want to hear them again. Too painful.

Anonymous said...

I agree Cory Wells cannot be replaced because he was one of kind. But I saw the Three Dog Night last Saturday and the were fantastic. I thoght David Morgan fit in just great.

Anonymous said...

David is awesome and very down to earth guy! He's has so much talent!!!

George Howsepian said...

I was privileged to attend the Three Dog Night concert last night in Fresno. David Morgan's contribution was perfect. Thank you, Three Dog Night, for an unforgettable evening.

Anonymous said...

Saw Three Dog Night last night in Lima, OH.
I went in to the evening thinking it could be a bust. I was so wrong.
David Morgan was incredible.
The show was energetic, the interaction between the band was fun, and the music was still fantastic.
If they are coming near you, spend the nickels and get a ticket. My wife and I enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Saw them in concert tonight at the East Arkansas Fine Arts Center. They were great! Awesome harmonizing!!

Anonymous said...

They were spectacular last night in Harrington. Of course Cory Wells was missed, but the band rocks. I was at their concert in Philly,'69. It was like no time has passed.

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