LeAnn Rimes Says, If You Believe Rumors, She's Been Pregnant Five Times This Year

by Music-News.com Newsdesk

LeAnn Rimes jokes she's already "been pregnant four or fives times this year" according to bogus tabloid stories.

The 33-year-old country singer is stepmother to two children fathered by her husband Eddie Cibrian, who she married in 2011.

LeAnn has no kids of her own and the star laughs whenever rumours emerge suggesting she is with child. "I've been pregnant four or five times this year already according to false tabloid rumours," she joked to ET Online.

Speculation LeAnn may be carrying a baby first arose after viewers of her reality programme LeAnn & Eddie noticed she chose to stop taking birth control during one of the show's episodes.

LeAnn does many things that may lead strangers to believe she is pregnant, including taking prenatal vitamins, but the musician insists her choice to down the supplements is "not for any reason other than hair."

LeAnn is subject to mean commentary and some have even called her the "evil stepmum" in the past, but she won't allow cruelty to get under her skin anymore. "I just kind of let the B.S. roll off," she noted. "People's attitudes -- it's like, 'God bless you for thinking that, and you really don't know my situation. Thanks for the input.'"

Despite not being pregnant at the moment, LeAnn is certainly open to having babies in the future. She imagines her future child with actor Eddie would be very gifted as an entertainer.

"I think I would probably have a Baby Bjorn, and singing with the kid," she giggled. "It's hard to put them down. They're so cute."

LeAnn is currently promoting her album Today Is Christmas, which is out in stores now, and even though she appreciates her other half Eddie's opinion, the singer has learned to bypass his thoughts when it comes to evaluating her music.

"I don't really ask his opinion anymore, because I know he's going to be like, 'It sounds great, babe!'" LeAnn said.

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