The Scorpions Documentary, "Forever and a Day", Coming to Home Video

We seem to be in the midst of a rock documentary revival with new titles being announced seemingly every day.

The latest goes to the German rockers Scorpion who will see their Forever and a Day released on home video November 27 via Cleopatra.

The film, which is in German with English subtitles, looks at the group's long career while following them on what was initially going to be their final tour. The band felt it was time to go after one final trek but fan enthusiasm was so great that they reconsidered their decision.

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker said "Seeing all these old fans, the new fans coming, everything was sold out, and getting told by the fans what the music means for them, then we more and more understood that the time wasn't right for the band to retire."

Among the interesting career highlights covered in the movie is The Scorpions' historic 1991 visit to the Kremlin in Moscow to meet Mikhail Gorbachev. The band presented the then-Soviet president with a gold record for its hit ballad Wind of Change, which celebrated the end of the Cold War.

Describing Wind of Change as "the soundtrack of the most peaceful revolution on Earth," Schenker says The Scorpions' visit with Gorbachev was "something very special" since they were the first, and possibly the only, Western band ever invited to the Kremlin. He adds that The Scorpions are still friendly with Gorbachev, who makes an appearance in Forever and a Day commenting about the group and the impact of Wind of Change.

The Scorpions recently wrapped up the 2015 U.S. leg of its 50th anniversary tour, which also is in support of their latest studio album, Return to Forever. With regard to the band's future, longtime Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs says, "It doesn't look like the end is near. You know, we keep ourselves open now. We tried the farewell tour, and we [called] it afterwards the 'went well' tour."

The Scorpions will finish the year with a series of European dates in November and December, with more to come in February and March of 2016, including a run of shows in their homeland. Jabs says the band also plans to play more U.S. shows in May, and may visit South America and China as well.

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