Set List: The Original Alice Cooper Band Reunite For 200 at Book Signing

Two hundred people went to a book signing on Tuesday night at Good Records in Dallas to see former Alice Cooper Band member Dennis Dunaway. What they got was a historical event.

Dunaway was at the store signing his new book Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group. The evening included a panel discussion with Dunaway along with two other original members, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce but what the crowd didn't know was that Vincent Furnier, the man now known as Alice Cooper, was in town a day early for his show opening for Motley Crue.

At 9:45, the signing was cut off but the crowd was told to wait in the parking lot while the three men set up to play a few songs. When the crowd was let back in, Dunaway, Smith and Bruce took the stage and performed Caught In a Dream. They were then joined by Ryan Roxie who has been touring with Cooper playing the guitar parts originally created by the late Glen Buxton for Be My Lover.
Then the roof came off the place as Cooper himself walked on stage and dove into I'm Eighteen. Overall, the band played a short seven song set but it was a night that nobody in attendance would forget.

The set list:
  • Caught in a Dream (from Love It to Death, 1971)
  • Be My Lover (from Killer, 1971)
  • I'm Eighteen (from Love It to Death, 1971)
  • Is It My Body (from Love It to Death, 1971)
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy (from Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)
  • Under My Wheels (from Killer, 1971)
  • School's Out (from School's Out, 1972)

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Anonymous said...

It was an 8 song set, they came back out a couple minutes after School's Out, at Ryan Roxi's urging, and played Elected. Trust me, I was there

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