Phil Collins is Back!

Phil Collins is no longer retired.

Collins talked to Rolling Stone, telling them that "I'm no longer officially retired. The horse is out of the stable and I'm raring to go."

With plans for a new album and accompanying tour, it will be Collins most active period musically since the 2007 Genesis reunion and just a few dates around his 2010 Motown covers album Going Back. With the expectation that the new project will include new material, it will make the album the first original Collins album since 2002's Testify.

Collins' "retirement" revolved around both his want to spend more time with his children and a number of different medical issues. Although he was divorced from his sons' mother, he made an effort to move closer to them and become more involved in their day-to-day activities, something he missed with his older children.

Then there are the medical problems. Collins suffered nerve damage from a dislocated vertebra in his neck that occurred during the Genesis reunion tour. The damage was so severe that he could no longer hold drum sticks; however, recent surgery has corrected much of the situation and Phil has been advised by his doctor that drum playing may yet be part of his future.

Right now, Collins is continuing work on his album archive series which includes new deluxe editions of Face Value and Both Sides which are due for release on January 29...and, yes, the covers of those sets do look subtly different. Phil has recreated the original album covers with new photos of his face.

Collins is planning on entering a new studio he's built in Miami in about a month to begin working on the new project although there is no specific schedule for recording and release.

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