Passings: Bluesman Smokin' Joe Kubek (1956 - 2015)

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Dallas based blues guitarist Smokin’ Joe Kubek has died just minutes before he was to take to the stage to perform in North Carolina.

Kubek was due to start his set at the Pleasure Island Seafood & Blues Festival when he suffered a massive heart attack.

Smokin’ Joe was well-known within the Texan blues circuit. He once played in Albert King’s band and was a good friend of both Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King. His first record Driving Sideways was written by Freddie King and in 1980 he teamed up for a life-long partnership with vocalist Brois King.

Kubek released his first album Steppin’ Out Texan Style in 1991. He released 18 albums from 1991 to 2015. His most recent Fat Man’s Shine Parlor was released this year.

A fund is already being set up to help Kubek's wife financially. Lori Haynes, president of Pretty Pear Records, posted:
To everyone in our BIG LOVING BLUES COMMUNITY... Phyllis Perkins Kubek, Smokin Joe's wife, can use our immediate financial support. We are setting up a fund for her. For now PlEASE send donations directly to her PayPal account.
Kubek's albums:
  • Steppin' Out Texas Style (1991)
  • Chain Smokin' Texas Style (1992)
  • Texas Cadillac (1993)
  • Cryin' For The Moon (1995)
  • Keep Comin' Back (1996)
  • The Axe Man (1996)
  • Got My Mind Back (1996)
  • Take Your Best Shot (1998)
  • Bite Me! (2000)
  • Roadhouse Research (2003)
  • Show Me The Money (2004)
  • My Heart's In Texas (2006)
  • Blood Brothers (2008)
  • Have Blues Will Travel (2010)
  • Let That Right Hand Go... (2012)
  • Close To The Bone (2012)
  • Road Dog's Life (2013)
  • Fat Man's Shine Parlor (2015)

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