New Bonnie Raitt Album Coming February 26

Bonnie Raitt has announced a new album, Dig in Deep, for release on February 26 via Redwing Records.

The new album, her first since 2012's Slipstream, includes five songs written by Raitt, the most she has included on an album in seventeen years going back to Fundamental. Bonnie also produced all of the tracks except for one which was co-produced by Joe Henry.

Raitt said in a statement:
The response to Slipstream was such a refreshing and unexpected boost, so going into this album, I had renewed energy.

I was really inspired to come up with songs that went with grooves that I missed playing in my live show, and to dig deeper into some topics I hadn't yet mined.

I don't write easily and can get distracted, but remembering how satisfying it was to come up with something new of my own, and writing with guys I love – like my longtime bandmates George Marinelli and Jon Cleary – I found that once the wheels started turning, the music came pouring out.
Expect more information on the album in the near future along with dates for a world tour. Tickets for the trek go on sale November 10.

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