Garbage Reflects on Their Career in Reddit AMA

Garbage went on Reddit on Saturday to do an AMA to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album.

All four members (Shirley Manson, Steve Marker, Duke Erikson, Butch Vig) answered questions over the course of the lengthy conversation. Here are some of the highlights:

Which of your albums did you find the most satisfying/gratifying?
The first album was the most satisfying The second album was the most gratifying The third album was the most mystifying The fourth album was the most petrifying The fifth album was the most death defying -Duke

Everyone was gratifying because it is always a privilege to release music be a musician and get to make music every day is a dream come true!!! I don't take it for granted. Sx
...which tracks from that [Garbage] album mean the most to you now, looking back 20 years?
I don't have a track that 'means the most' but recording Milk was a great experience for all of us. Late at night, lights low. We did it really fast and the atmosphere in the room was exactly what you hear in the track. Duke

we went back and mastered the the first album this summer, and we were all surprised by how unusual it still sounds! I think my fave track is Queer! BV
Will we ever hear that rumoured duet between Shirley & Marilyn Manson ? Did it even happen ?
they did a duet together, but we don't think it will ever see the light of day....there were too many politics between labels at the time of the recording. BV

I don't think it will ever happen. Or at least the one we recorded anyways.......but I would love to do something with him at some point. He is my brother after all and blood is thick. Thicker than water. Sx
Was there ever a moment when you thought 'Wow - this is what it feels like to have made it?'
Yes when played a show in the middle of January outside in subzero temperatures for about 15 snowboarders who had no idea who we were. Duke
'As Heaven Is Wide' is a great track from the self-titled album that doesn't get a lot of rep. Do you guys think this song is under-rated?
Heaven is Wide is a pretty bold song of which we are very proud. We took the catholic priests to task with this song at a time nobody was willing to speak up. Sx

Heaven is one of my faves too. And under rated no doubt, but it's not necessarily hit single material is it? We're rehearsing the first album music now and Fix Me Now is really fun to play. And under rated! Could have been a hit!
You've recorded quite a few cover versions in your time, which one was your favourite to record/perform?
My favorite cover we have ever done is 13 by Big Star. Alex Chilton loved it too which was SUCH an honour. and a compliment Sx

Can't Seem to Make you Mine!
I saw you live during the Beautiful Garbage World Tour and loved how different your sound was, a lot heavier. Is there any chance to get a live album produced?
hmmm, we've recored a lot of shows over the years, we might release some live material with a DVD....but after this tour we're finishing our new album! BV
Which is your favourite video you have done and were there any video concepts for songs that didn't get made?
Yes we had a concept.....for the video for Cherry Lips and it was fucking AMAZING by video director Dawn Shadforth but the record company in their infinite wisdom decided that they would reject the concept. I hope we can make it one day. It will be wicked.
What are you thoughts on making it 20 years in the industry? How long do you plan to keep going?
I am going to keep on going until they have to drag me off stage in a hearse with my pink boa trailing behind us as we go. Sx
To each of the members: what band or artist most influenced you in your career/development as an artist? What is your all-time favorite album?
Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, Horses by Patti Smith, The Scream by Siouxsie and the Banshees..............the list is endless. Sx

Beatles! Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band! Duke
When a song is germinating, do lyrics or riffs come first, or if it is not that simple, could you elaborate?
every song has it's own birth sometimes a phrase or lyric will start it, sometimes a groove or chord progression...there's no set way they develop. Some of the new song took 6 months to finish, a couple took 6 hours! BV
You guys are pretty hard rock people but is there some "guilty pleasure" music you like to listen? Like Britney or something?
ABBA! Steve
If you could be in a super group for one night only who would be in that group and where would you play?
John Bonham on drums, Jamie from The Kills on guitar, Bill Clinton on sax, and Elvis singing. Steve

I fucking HATE super groups. They give me the creeps. Sx
Are you going to do a full US tour soon?
Yes next year!
There are a lot more questions and answers on Reddit.

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