Foo Fighters Counting Down to November 23 Announcement...Nobody Knows For What

The Foo Fighters have put up a new entry page on their official website with a countdown clock that is pointed towards November 23.

Now, if we just knew what was being announced.

The promotional move is not unprecedented, having been used by other artists in the past, but they normally don't stretch the countdown for almost a month.

The speculation all seems to revolve around the band's recent album and TV triumph Sonic Highways which saw the Foo Fighters record each song in a different city with local musicians. Now fans are saying this could be the announcement for a second album using the concept and another TV season which has been alluded to by Dave Grohl but not officially confirmed.

Others think there might be a deluxe version of the original Sonic Highways album or a possible live album. On the far side of the speculation is that it's the date that Grohl's cast comes off of his broken leg.

Other ideas? Feel free to post them below.

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