David Cassidy Pleads Not Guilty in Hit-and-Run Case

David Cassidy has entered a not guilty plea in his recent arrest for leaving the scene of an accident.

Cassidy was in a Florida courtroom on Tuesday to answer charges in a September 9 incident where he allegedly was was weaving in and out of traffic at a high speed before sideswiping a truck and the median. It is reported that he initially stopped at the scene but soon got back in his car and raced off. Police found his car a couple of hours later at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL where Cassidy claimed he had a preexisting appointment. He also told police that he did stop at the scene and exchange information with the truck driver.

The eventual charges in the incident included leaving the scene of an accident, making an improper lane change, operating a vehicle with a suspended license and operating a vehicle with an expired registration. He was not tested for alcohol or drugs.

Cassidy returns to court on November 11.

Meanwhile, Britain's Daily Mail talked with truck driver Pedro Vargas about the incident. He said "I was driving at 60 maybe 65 miles per hour. For him to hit me like this he was coming at 80 maybe 90 miles per hour."

Vargas injured his elbow trying to control the truck from rolling over after being hit. He also had trouble breathing after the incident, laying down on the pavement. The driver said Cassidy tried to tell him that the smashed light from his own car belonged to the truck, returning to his car which had a flat tire and fleeing the scene. "'His car was destroyed at the front on the left side and the right side tire had exploded. I remember how badly damaged it was and he ran like that."

A witness chased Cassidy for about a mile before he pulled over only to try and cover his license plate with a piece of clothing.

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