Chicago, Cheap Trick, the Cars, Janet Jackson, Steve Miller Among First Time Nominees For Rock Hall

The new nominating committee at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame looks like they are trying to clean up some of the artists that they have overlooked in the past with their nominations for 2015.

The committee did not name any of the newly eligible acts, who began their career twenty five years ago, instead nominating fifteen artists that have been previously passed over including seven that have never before been nominated.

Steve Miller is the first year nominee who has been eligible the longest, enduring twenty-two years of being passed over before finally securing a spot on the list. Chicago is one year behind while the J.B.'s are in their 21st year of eligibility.

Other first time nominees include the Cars, Cheap Trick, Janet Jackson, the J.B.'s, Los Lobos and Chaka Khan as a solo artist although she was previously nominated with Rufus.

As for those who have been nominated but have not been selected, Chic is, by far, the leader. The group, which includes hot producer and guitarist Nile Rodgers is up for the tenth time in their fourteen years of eligibility. N.W.A. is nominated for the fourth time in their fourth year of being eligible.

The Rock Hall recently dismissed about one-third of their nominating committee, most of which were those who supported early rock era acts, and the nominees are a reflection of the new makeup. There are no acts who got their start earlier than the late-60's on the list, leaving out Chubby Checker, the Marvelettes, Rufus Thomas and many more.

Still, it is great to finally see names like Miller, Chicago and the Cars finally, at least, acknowledged on the nomination list. It is also good to see a second attempt to get Yes into the Hall from the vastly overlooked art/progressive rock scene.

The nomineees:
  • The Cars (1st Nomination, 13th Year Eligible)
  • Cheap Trick (1st Nomination, 14th Year Eligible)
  • Chic (10th Nomination, 14th Year Eligible)
  • Chicago (1st Nomination, 22nd Year Eligible)
  • Deep Purple (3rd Nomination, 23rd Year Eligible)
  • Janet Jackson (1st Nomination, 9th Year Eligible)
  • The J.B.'s (1st Nomination, 21st Year Eligible)
  • Chaka Khan (2nd Nomination, 1st Nomination as a solo artist, 17th Year Eligible)
  • Los Lobos (1st Nomination, 13th Year Eligible)
  • Steve Miller (1st Nomination, 23rd Year Eligible)
  • Nine Inch Nails (2nd Nomination, 2nd Year Eligible)
  • N.W.A. (4th Nomination, 4th Year Eligible)
  • The Smiths (2nd Nomination, 8th Year Eligible)
  • The Spinners (3rd Nomination, 30th Year Eligible)
  • Yes (2nd Nomination, 22nd Year Eligible)

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