Bjork to Release a Strings-Only Version of "Vulnicura"

Bjork will release a brand new version of her January album Vulnicura on December 4 which will only contain her voice with strings and a viola organista.

The new release is actually the fifth for Vulnicura including the original album and three remix releases. The artist explained why she is so fascinated with the release on her website:
while i was working on vulnicura , it became one of the most magical thing both musically and spiritually to unite the electronics and the acoustic instruments in an almost romantic way : to prove they can coexist !! that positive tango was a proactive counterpoint to the lyrics of the album : the end of an union . onion . tears . a lot . lol .

but while working on it i felt somehow for the first time , this was an album that could take another version : a reveal , to simply have the acoustics stand on their own for the folks who wanna indulge even further into the wooden timeless side of this music . w / no techno .

so here it is : i dug out the more close up pick up miked versions , other sonic point-of-views , added some violin solos by the gorgeous una sveinbjarnardã³ttir and the talented så‚awomir zubrzycki played masterfully the viola organista ( an instrument invented by leonardo da vinci but only recently built for the first time . it is little but like a grand piano which is bowed not plucked )

thanks to chris elms for mixing it

i hope you like this version too

Vulnicura was originally scheduled for a March release in conjunction with an exhibition on the singer at the Museum of Modern Art; however, the album leaked on line and it was decided to rush it out in January. The album has gone on to be one of the most highly acclaimed of the year.

Here is the audio for the track Lionsong from the acoustic album.

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