AC/DC's Phil Rudd Has His Home Confinement Sentence Upheld in Court

A judge has told AC/DC's Phil Rudd that his eight-month sentence to home confinement was fair and that there is no certainty that the sentence has affected his income or career.

Rudd was given the sentence after being found guilty of making death threats and drug possession and, along with the home confinement, he has been ordered to pay $120,000 in reparation to his victims.

Phil's lawyer had told the court that the sentence was excessive and that he should have been dismissed without conviction; however, justice Raynor Asher has officially disagreed and told Rudd to continue his sentence.

Asher also dismissed the claim that the sentence had stopped him from making money as a working member of AC/DC. "First, the band would have to want him to play with them. Second, the convictions would have to operate as a barrier to him travelling with them. Neither are certain.

"It is far from clear that, when the offending took place, there was any place in the band available to Mr Rudd, given his drug addiction and state of mind.

"It is only in certain countries that there is a problem arising from the convictions. There is nothing to indicate that if Mr Rudd was a greatly wanted band member, that his inability to travel to those countries would mean that he could not be employed in other countries."

AC/DC has continued on with their work with Chris Slade in place of Rudd.

Rudd still must contend with his pending home detention violation for which he has been charged.

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