Set List: Madonna Opens Her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal

Madonna opened her Rebel Heart Tour on Wednesday night at Centre Bell in Montreal, Canada with an ambitious 24 song set (including two that were used for video interludes) that included numerous songs from the new album along with a number of rarely performed tune from her early albums.

The set list was set in two distinct eras. Twelve of the 19 songs from the Rebel Heart album (including two from the deluxe version) were, obviously, the focus of the night, but they were contrasted with a heavy dose music from the 80's and early-90's. Of the twelve remaining songs, nine came from that period with only two from post-2000 and one cover.

It was also a night for older music that Madonna hasn't performed in years including True Blue and Who's That Girl, which haven't been in a show since 1987, and Burning Up and Material Girl which go back to her 2004 tour.

It's also notable that this is the first tour in years that didn't include Vogue although a small piece of it was heard during the new song Holy Water. Other songs that received drop-in acknowledgement included Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Into the Groove, Everybody and Lucky Star.

Madonna performs again in Montreal tonight.

The set list:

Main Set
  • Iconic (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Bitch I'm Madonna (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Burning Up (from Madonna, 1983)
  • Holy Water (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Devil Pray (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Messiah (from Rebel Heart: Deluxe Edition, 2015) (video interlude)
  • Body Shop (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • True Blue (from True Blue, 1986)
  • Deeper And Deeper (from Erotica, 1992)
  • HeartBreakCity (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Like a Virgin (from Like a Virgin, 1984)
  • S.E.X. (from Rebel Heart: Deluxe Edition, 2015) 
  • Living For Love (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • La Isla Bonita (from True Blue, 1986)
  • Dress You Up (from Like a Virgin, 1984)
  • Who's That Girl (from soundtrack of Who's That Girl, 1987)
  • Rebel Heart (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Illuminati (from Rebel Heart, 2015) (video interlude)
  • Music (from Music, 2000)
  • Candy Shop (from Hard Candy, 2008)
  • Material Girl (from Like a Virgin, 1984)
  • La Vie En Rose (Édith Piaf cover)
  • Unapologetic Bitch (from Rebel Heart, 2015)
  • Holiday (from Madonna, 1983)

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