Oh, WTF! Devo's Jerry Casale's 9/11 Wedding Features World Trade Center Cake & Box Cutter Favors

Update (9/15 9:05 AM): Jerry Casale has said that the 9/11 themed wedding reception was not his idea and was sprung on him by a friend.

See the video at TMZ.

Look, we will readily admit that Devo has been a little bit strange. Great, but strange.

On Friday, singer and bassist Jerry Casale was married to Krista Napp at Michael's Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA and their theme was, well, stranger than strange.

Being that Saturday was 9/11, the couple decided to have a wedding built around the theme of September 11, 2001 and the attack on the World Trade Center.

We're not making this up.

Their wedding cake was the two towers with their faces at the top of each one and, for a wedding favor, they gave each guest a real box cutter while the place cards had the image of a cutter with "Gerald & Krista" on the side.

We guess this is some sort of example of devolution.

To see pictures of the "festivities", go to TMZ.

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