Chrissie Hynde Says Current Pop Stars Are "Feminists on Behalf of Prostitutes"

Chrissie Hynde has been attracting a lot of attention lately making controversial comments in interviews about the role of women is sexual assaults.

It all started a couple of weeks back when she talked about an incident when she was 21 where she accepted a ride with a biker who took her to an abandoned house and assaulted her. She said the blame was hers because she should have known better.

Hynde then went on to criticize women who wore provocative clothing, implying that they were inviting attacks. The comments brought out criticism from a number of women's groups.

On Tuesday, Hynde appeared on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour and continued to defend her views, saying that "I don't think sexual assault is a gender issue as such. I think it's very much all around us now."

She then began to point the finger at today's pop stars, saying "It’s provoked by this pornography culture, it’s provoked by pop stars who call themselves feminists. Maybe they’re feminists on behalf of prostitutes – but they are no feminists on behalf of music, if they are selling their music by bumping and grinding and wearing their underwear in videos. That’s a kind of feminism – but, you know, you’re a sex worker is what you are."

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