Paul Stanley Shows No Respect For the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss

Two days before his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Paul Stanley had a lot to say to CBS News and little of it was good.

The ongoing controversy over who from the group is being inducted (it's only the original four) and the band's decision to not perform at the induction ceremony may be topped by Stanley latest revelations about the Hall and former KISS members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Whether he is proud of the Rock Hall induction honor or not, Stanley showed questionable taste in putting down the organization this close to the ceremony. He told CBS:
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is fluff. It's a farce. It's like an Addams Family bar mitzvah. I'm gonna go, but let's not kid ourselves, you know. That's not the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is walking the streets…. I see it as dubious. We are the bitter pill that they ultimately had to swallow. Because they don't like us. And the only reason they're inducting us is because they begin to look foolish at some point for not having us in.
Stanley also had nothing good to say about Frehley and Criss, members during the band's most popular period, saying "They don't belong in the band. And they don't belong in a position to represent the band." As far as performing with them "How about for old time's sake you go back and spend the night with your ex-wife?... You wouldn't make good music."

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Cloudbuster said...

Since when is rock supposed to be respectful?

Twelve o'clock, I gotta rock
There's a truck ahead, lights starin' at my eyes
Oh my God, no time to turn
I got to laugh 'cause I know I'm gonna die

Hope I die before I get old.

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