Rumor Mill: Letterman Trying to Get Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to Perform Together on Show

Rumors are swirling that David Letterman is in negotiations to get Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to perform together on his late night show.

According to Roger Friedman at, Letterman and CBS are working with the former Beatles' people to make the performance happen.  It would be part of a full week celebration of the Fab Four on the show the week of February 3 through 7, all running up to the February 9 50th anniversary of the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Adding to the allure of making the performance happen is the fact that Letterman's home is the Ed Sullivan Theater where the Beatles played on that evening.

For CBS, pulling in big numbers that week would be a triumph as it would drop the audience for Jay Leno's final week on the competing tonight show.  Get Paul and Ringo on the same night as Leno's last show (February 6) and it's a double triumph for the network.


Da Mick said...

What a sad, greedy, corporate reason to have for celebrating such a wonderful occassion. If Paul and Ringo are aware of CBS's reasons for their interest, I doubt they would want any of that ugly karma.

Internotional Times said...

^Just what he said.
This is most certainly why they WON'T be doing it as if Paul missed this aspect, it wouldn't get past Ringo.

Ronnie said...

DaMick & Internotional Times:
Sad, corporate reason? You have a clue why celebs show up on Letterman & Leno? Sad finacial reasons: to promote something. But I enjot=y watching the bits just as much, Karma aside. Get off your cloud-ride and recognize last McCartney did on the THe Ed Sullivan theater's marquee...was not for karma, rather to PROMOTE his latest album. And everyone enjoyed the shit out of it.

The last two Beatles, performing on the VERY STAGE they were introduced to the US (by a very savvy Ed Sullivan) would be heart warming indeed. Good for my soul..."karmatically" speaking.

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