Fracking Isn't Just An Issue in the U.S.; Leo Sayer Assembles All-Star Australian Protest Video

by Paul Cashmere

Leo Sayer has assembled an all-star Australian cast to protest the Australian Government’s Fracking policy.

Doc Neeson of The Angels is just one of the stars to make an appearance in No Fracking Way, a song that musically could be described as Leo Sayer’s first Australian pub-rock anthem.

Fracking is a term to describe the mining on Crown land. The current Australian Liberal Government has authorised permission to use Australian Crown Land, private land and residential land for the purpose of Coal Seam Gas mining (Fracking). By promoting the policy as “an answer to Australia’s energy needs” the federal government is opening up the environment to permanent damage to native fauna and flora as well as people.

Fracking has already been proven to cause sickness, pollution and even radiation poisoning to communities.

Former British rock star Leo Sayer, who is now a Sydney-based Australian resident and citizen, has gathered the Aussie music community together to record a pub-rock protest with No Fracking Way. “This is a song I wrote and recorded this year to support an organisation ‘Lock The Gate’, who work in opposition to the practice of Coal Seam Gas Mining, or ‘Fracking’, as it has come to be known,” Leo tells “I don’t know if you have heard about this, but the damage it’s causing to the landscape, environment, wildlife, livestock, flora, and fauna, and indeed humans, is highly evident here in Australia and all around the world. So, I’ve joined with a bunch of like minded fellow Aussies here who are determined to stop this”.

The song features additional vocals from Doc Neeson, Steve Balbi of Noiseworks, Deni Hines, Jeff Duff, Mark Gable of Choirboys, Kevin Borich and Jade Hurley along with Casey Burgess, Mitch Anderson, Connor Cleary, Alex Gibson, Graham Wilson and Jarmb-Jo Githabul. “We are ‘Aussies Against Fracking’, and several of them are joining me on this video of the song,” he adds. “I’m sure you’ll recognise many of them. The video was filmed and edited by Craig ‘Chappo’ Chapman, sound mixed by John Hudson, and produced by Annie Wright. I wrote, arranged, performed and produced the song, with additional guitar from Paul Berton”.

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