Barry Manilow's "Night Songs" CD is Complete

Barry Manilow sent a special holiday greeting to all of his fans saying that his new CD, Night Songs is done.

According to the post on his website, the album is made up of standards that haven't been "overperformed" so expect songs from the great composers of the 20th century that were not necessarily their best known works (i.e., don't look for the same songs as are on the Rod Stewart Great American Songbook series). A "surprise" single that represents the album is on its way.

The full post from Manilow's site:
Hi Everyone!

Well, the Night Songs CD is done! Cover looks great, liner notes are another one of Marc’s obsessive/compulsive projects. And the album itself sounds great.

This album couldn’t be farther away from “15 Minutes” or the Live Performance with the London Philharmonic.

The album is filled with my favorite standards that haven’t been over performed, written by some of the greatest songwriters of the Century.

Can’t wait for you to hear the “surprise” single CD. It represents the style of the entire album. Hope you enjoy it.

My best wishes to all of you for a happy holiday.

See you next year!




Steve Sausen said...

Hiya Barry, I wish for you a very happy & healthy new year 2014.
I hope you will come back to LA next year for more concerts I didn't get a chance to see you last june just before your 70th birthday at the Greek theatre.God Bless. Steve Sausen life long fan of yours for the last 40yrs.

Barry buddy said...

Hi Barry, my sweet husband put you in my stocking this year! When I opened it, there was an email that said I was going to see you here in Jacksonville, Florida on January 23, 2014. That was my mom's birthday and my granddaughter's birthday. I was so shocked I just sobbed and sobbed. I have been a fan for so long. Ive always wanted to be a "Cant Smile Girl". Not a girl anymore but will always be your fan. Your song Sandy really happened to me. And his name was Michael too! And my name is Susie. Can't wait to see you in Jax. Love, Susie

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