Peter Cetera's Home Threatened by Idaho Wildfire

Peter Cetera's home in Ketchum, ID is currently being threatened by the wildfires that have spread to 126,000 acres in the area.

Hundreds of homes have been evacuated in the Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley areas as the Beaver Creek fire continued to move west, fueled by dry conditions, wind and low humidity. The area is popular with many entertainers both as a primary home and as a vacation spot.

Cetera's town of Ketchum was under pre-evacuation orders, advising residents to have their valuables packed and ready to move out at a moment's notice. Conditions more favorable to controlling the fire are expected mid-week.

Cetera wrote on his official site:
By now you must have all heard about the terrible fires up here in Idaho. It’s worse then it looks on TV. It always is, especially when it’s in your own back yard. The firefighters have managed to keep it out of the town this far so a big thanks to them. It’s been hot and so smoky you can’t see a block away. It’s been a week in hell but it looks like Ketchum is safe for now. Thanks to all of you for checking up on me….whew! pC

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