Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers Attacked On Stage After Dedication to Trayvon Martin

Photo: Lester-Chambers.com
Lester Chambers, one of the original Chambers Brothers, was assaulted on stage while performing on Saturday night at the Russell City Hayward Blues Festival in Hayward, CA.

Chambers had just dedicated the song People Get Ready to the late-Trayvon Martin, saying that writer Curtis Mayfield would have changed "there's a train a comin'" to "there's a change a comin'". Suddenly, a caucasion woman, identified as Dinalynn Andrews Potter, jumped from the crowd, reportedly yelling "It's all your fault", and attacked Chambers.

Dylan, Chamber's son, wrote on Facebook:
Dylan Here.... Lester was just assaulted on stage at The Russell City Hayward Blues Festival by a crazed woman after dad dedicated People Get Ready to Trayvon Martin. He is on the way to the hospital now
He later posted that "Dad is OK" and a picture showing a large bruise on his side, saying "dad from today...bruised ribs muscle damage."

There has been an outpouring of comments on the Facebook page since the incident. It was mentioned, at one point, that Chambers is feeling that he may not want to do public performances again, showing just how deep such an unprovoked attack can damage a person beyond just the physical.

Andrews Potter was arrested on suspicion of battery, booked and released although additional charges may soon be added. A Facebook page is already up asking that she be charged with a hate crime.

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scallywag said...

Was she motivated by hate? Is it enough to say an assault is a hate crime simply by virtue that one individual is black and the other is white? Ought we not raise the bar to something substantial before we regress into a society of abject polarization....?

Then again one wonders how much the recent media hysteria has anything to do with the calls for a hate crime...?


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