Former Girlfriend of Brian Jones Once Again Advances the Murder Theory

Brian Jones
Brian Jones' former girlfriend is claiming he was killed as the countdown begins to The Rolling Stones' Hyde Park concert.

The Stones guitarist passed away in 1969 after drowning in the pool of his East Sussex home. He was 27. Coroners ruled it 'death by misadventure' although conspiracy theories have been abound since, with many contending he was murdered.

Anna Wohlin now appears to support allegations builder Frank Thorogood was involved. She insists he was killed during a dispute with the 'disgruntled' general contractor, shortly after he was fired from the band and replaced by Mick Taylor.

As UK newspaper The Sun reports, Thorogood made a confession supporting her allegation on his death bed two decades ago. "I don't know if Frank meant to kill Brian, maybe it was horseplay in the pool that went wrong. But I knew all along he did not die a natural death. I'm still sure of it," Anna told the publication. She also alleged being 'intimidated into silence about what really happened' over the years.

But Anna rejects any notion Brian's well-publicised battle with drugs contributed to his demise. "Brian is still portrayed as a bitter, worn-out and depressed man who was fired because of his drug habit and who died because he was drunk or high," she explained, "but my Brian was a wonderful, charismatic man who was happier than ever, had given up drugs and was looking forward to pursuing the musical career he wanted.

"There were no hard feelings when he left," she continued.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor famously paid tribute to Brian at a Hyde Park concert only July 5, 1969. Fans watched as Mick read a poem in tribute to their late bandmate, while a field of concertgoers saw thousands of butterflies released from the stage.

Anna has made similar allegations in the past. Her latest remarks come as the Stones, with Ronnie Wood now on guitar, prepare to play at the venue for the first time since that day on Saturday.

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