Dionne Warwick to Join Stevie Wonder in Boycotting "Stand Your Ground" States After Trayvon Martin Verdict

Dionne Warwick has updated her fans about her activities at dionnewarwick.net, announcing an upcoming duets album and actions she will take for future touring.

Warwick announced that she will be joining Stevie Wonder in boycotting all states who have "Stand Your Ground" laws in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict.
i am certain most if not all of you have been bombarded with CNN and the news of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and i must say i was stunned at the verdict of NOT GUILTY........it took a while for this to settle in my brain since Zimmerman admitted killing this youngster.........my very dear friend Stevie Wonder has decided to keep his incredible talent from those states that carry the "Stand Your Ground" law here in the United States (30) of them and i am going to join him as i feel as seriously concerned as he does that we have to start caring more about each other and conversing with regard to the values we ALL should share with regards to our lives and the well being of each other.............it's really a shame that we feel the need to have to carry a weapon to feel safe around each other.............i will miss those states that have supported my career for these past 50 years but i feel absolutely compelled to show solidarity with Stevie showing him he is not alone in feeling the way he does..........we in the entertainment world have always been the ones who looked at PEACEFUL WAYS THROUGH OUR MUSIC and again i feel the absence of our MUSIC in those places that in reality have (in my opinion) no true regard for the preservation of life, and equality for all RACES, CREEDS, RELIGIONS, AND COLORS should take a step FORWARD, not BACKWARD and realize, as i was taught, WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE PURPOSE OF TAKING CARE OF ONE ANOTHER and not to bring DISPARE AND HARM...........please know that this is my TRUE feeling and hope we can as the song says "PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS"
Warwick also said she is in the process of recording a duets album; however, she would not reveal the names of the artists with which she is working. She did mention that some are "very talented young stars" but "i think you will be rather surprised but very pleased when i drop the names of those on the project."


Dave said...

If she or Stevie Wonder think that not performing in certain states will get them to change their laws, they are very full of themselves indeed.

De Vaughn Yarbrough said...

Hey Davey boy, that's spoken like a true idiot.

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