British Bookmakers Set Odds on Actor to Play Freddie Mercury

Following Sacha Baron Cohen's shock departure from the Freddie Mercury biopic in which he was set to star, London bookmakers Paddy Power know full well that The Show Must Go On and already have their thinking caps on for Cohen's replacement.

Hot favourite is top impersonator Michael Sheen at 5/1, having already shown his mimicking prowess as David Frost, Tony Blair and Kenneth Williams in other biopics, and could be adding Mercury to his already long list.

Michael is closely followed by Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp at 6/1 and Ewan McGregor who showed off his impressive windpipes in Moulin Rouge at 10/1. Hot off the success of Les Miserables it could be the all-singing, all-dancing Hugh Jackman at 10/1 who could be bringing a bit of magic or could it be rubber-faced comedian Jim Carrey at 12/1.

Long shot outsiders include Pop Idol star Darius Danesh at 100/1, X Factor reject Rylan Clarke at 100/1 or dark-haired Luis Suarez with his infamous gnashers at 500/1.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said 'Cohen wanted to break free, but the show had to go on, and with such a diverse mix of characters it's going to be a tough decision as to who can fill Cohen's white trousers.'

Who will replace Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury?

  • 5/1 Michael Sheen
  • 6/1 Johnny Depp
  • 10/1 Ewan McGregor
  • 10/1 Hugh Jackman
  • 10/1 James Franco
  • 12/1 Jim Carrey
  • 14/1 Michael Fassbender
  • 16/1 Dominic West
  • 16/1 Andy Serkis
  • 18/1 Daniel Day-Lewis
  • 20/1 Jude Law
  • 20/1 Nicholas Hoult
  • 20/1 Ben Whishaw
  • 20/1 Mark Strong
  • 25/1 Daniel Radcliffe
  • 25/1 Joaquin Phoenix
  • 25/1 David Morrissey
  • 25/1 Jamie Bell
  • 33/1 Nicolas Cage
  • 33/1 Aiden Gillen
  • 40/1 Matt Smith
  • 40/1 Sean Penn
  • 66/1 Tom Selleck
  • 80/1 Ross Kemp
  • 100/1 Rylan Clarke
  • 100/1 Darius Danesh
  • 150/1 Alex Mills
  • 200/1 Elton John
  • 500/1 John Terry
  • 500/1 Luis Suarez

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