Steve Perry Successfully Treated For Skin Cancer (But That's Only Part of the Story)

The world hasn't heard much from ex-Journey frontman Steve Perry for many years. He has undergone hip replacement surgery, has done cattle and dairy farming and, on occasion, has returned to music to produce for other artists or to write songs for his own future projects.

For the last two years, though, he has been involved with a battle against cancer, not for himself but for a woman that he met in May of 2011. His relationship with Kellie Nash was both one of the joys of his life and one of the the saddest as, for the full time that they were together, Kellie was battling stage four breast cancer that had been spreading throughout her body.

Nash passed away on December 14, 2012. Then, in early May, Perry had a mole removed from his face that tested positive for melanoma skin cancer. He has since undergone two operations and has been been declared cancer free with no further needed treatment but the experience rekindled many of the feelings of the months that his love spent fighting the disease.

Perry has written at length about the experience on his Fan Asylum blog and it is a very touching read.

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DIARY farming?!

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