Kenney Dale Johnson, Drummer For Chris Isaak, Battling Cancer

Johnson & Isaak (Photo by Ros O'Gorman)
Anyone who has seen Chris Isaak and his band live knows that, along with the music, there's a lot of comedy and interplay with the rest of the band. One of those men who is always participating is Isaak's drummer, Kenney Dale Johnson.

On Thursday, Isaak wrote a note on his website telling fans that Johnson is being treated for cancer.
To Our Fans,

As you might know we are getting ready to go on tour. I wanted to let you know that my longtime partner in fun and swinging, drummer Kenney Dale Johnson, will not be coming on tour with us this summer. He is at home being treated for cancer but we expect he'll be better and back on his drum throne soon. We'll keep you updated on his progress. In the meantime send some love and good wishes Kenney’s way. This is the first time in almost thirty years that Kenney’s missed a day’s work.

We all miss him already - nobody more than hurry and get well, Kenney. We need you and we love you!

Thanks, Chris Isaak
 Isaak's tour runs from July 3 until August 31.

Those who would like to send best wishes to Kenney can do so on Isaak's site.

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