Agnetha Faltskog and Bjorn Ulvaeus Say There Will Be No ABBA Reunions

Two separate ex-members of ABBA, appearing in two different corners of the world, have each quashed any rumors that the group will reunite.

New rumors have been flying as the opening day for the new ABBA Museum in Stockholm approaches this week. The museum, which has had exhibits around the world as the space was prepared, will give fans a chance to see how the entire ABBA phenomenon occurred along with giving them a chance to sing along with life-size holograms of the group and other interactive activities.

Bjorn Ulvaeus was at the museum on Monday and told those in attendance "As you all know we have never reunited, so I take this opportunity to say now we are not going to either."

In Australia, Agnetha Faltskog appeared on a national television show and also addressed reunion rumors. "I don’t think so. No. And we’ve had a lot of offers but we have our own life now since many years back and we don’t understand why we should do it. Because we’ve had our time and I think we should let ABBA rest and just listen to the music."

Faltskog's new album, A, will be out on May 13.

To find out more about the museum, visit their website.

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