Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent Giving to Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

The touring trio of Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent are collectively giving money raised at each of the shows on their current tour to the victims of Boston Marathon bombing.

Being organized under the Styx' Rock to the Rescue organization, the artists will sign a guitar at every stop of the tour and auction it off with 75% of the proceeds going to Boston and 25% to local charities.

The members of Styx said in a statement "Like all Americans, we have watched the events in Boston and wondered what we could do to help. We know the fans of all three bands will once again rise up with us to help our friends in Boston. We Are Boston!"

REO members added "We feel such sadness for those innocent people in Boston who have suffered so much and are still suffering now. We think of those victims of senseless violence as we sign the gutar which is to be donated on their behalf each night. In our small way, we do what we do."

Finally, Nugent commented "The Nugent band and family are surrounded by Americans who care deeply about each other and are dedicated to give all we got in times of need. We again face a tragedy that we can all help with, and are proud of this charitable heart and soul effort."


Anonymous said...

Ted Nugent?
He must be trying to make up for all of the anti American racist things he has been saying.
Is say

Julia Ketzner said...

^ That pretty cowardly and spineless.

William said...

God bless the bands and everyone who goes and still believes.

Phil Means said...

Anonymous coward

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