Rollings Stones Tour Comes Closer to Reality As AEG Takes Over the Reins

According to Rolling Stone magazine, AEG Live has been selected to promote the upcoming North American tour of the Rolling Stones, bringing the trek from rumored to almost certain status.

Earlier this month, reported that there would be 18 North American shows this year along with two in London's Hyde Park and a appearance at the Glastonbury Festival. At the time, it was assumed that all of the shows except Hyde Park would be done by Paul Dainty, who has done past Stones tours, along with Virgin Love, then AEG swooped in and scooped up the tour.

Sources say that the Stones will get $4 to $5 million per show, so look for top tickets to be in the $500+ area. Driving those prices are the fact that this is, most likely, the group's last tour. A source said "Are the Stones going to do anything after this? I doubt it."

Look for an official tour announcement in early-April.

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