AC/DC Has No Immediate Plans

Those wanting something new from AC/DC may be in for a bit of a wait.

Certain media outlets have been getting a little over-excited about a new AC/DC album after bass player Cliff Williams spoke with Backstage Axxess but Williams clearly stated that there is “nothing in the works right now”.

Quoting from exactly the same interview that is being credited as a source of the AC/DC reactivity Cliff says “there is nothing in the works right now. We are still getting over the last tour. We are just hanging out and doing stuff”.

For him, that “stuff” is fishing.

He said that at this stage any activity would be limited to the ongoing songwriting by Angus and Malcolm Young but nothing has been spoken about within the band. “The guys are writing some material,” he said. “When they’ve got some stuff together they’ll give us a holla”.

According to Cliff, “they’ll get a bunch of songs together. Some are more together than others. Then we’ll get a rehearsal studio or rehearsal room together and then kick it around with a producer and then get in the studio and record. That’s kind of how it runs”.

Right now it is just too early to call when the next record will be. “The guys I’m sure (Malcolm and Angus) are putting their time in but they’re not ready for us yet,” he said. “Something’s going to happen at some point. We’ll get out there sometime sooner or later but right now hang in there with us and we’ll be with you when we can”.

You can watch the interview with Backstage Axxess here:

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