They Might Be Giants Offers Music on Free App

They Might Be Giants have launched a free music app to promote both their catalog and their new EP, Nanobots, which features a different song each day.

“Yes it’s a different song every day, and streams five songs in full, says They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh. “Tuesday features the latest TMBG, Kinder-Thursdays spotlights songs for the tots, and Throwback-Fridays crack opens TMBG’s 80s vault. If you like TMBG and appreciate the free app, help us out and give us a positive review with five stars at iTunes. That stuff really matters evidently.”

The app will hold five of the most recent posted They Might Be Giants songs all the time and connects to iTunes. It also connects TMBG’s social media sites and a free MP3 club.

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