Preview: Lovesick Blues - Chris Stamey

Artist: Chris Stamey
Title: Lovesick Blues
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Label: Yep Rock
Format(s): CD, DD

Chris Stamey has many titles, recording artist and founding member of the dB's, record label owner (Car Records), studio owner (Modern Recording in Chapel Hill, NC), producer and engineer. Mixed in to all that work has been a series of solo albums which is about to include Lovesick Blues which will be released on February 5.

The album is his first solo release since 2005's A Question of Temperature with Yo La Tengo and follows closely on the heels of the dB's reunion album Falling on the Sky, which was released last year.

Lovesick Blues was inspired by Stamey's work putting together a series of all-star concerts performing Big Star's third album and many of those musicians are participating on the release.

Stamey said of the album "This record is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the sound I hear in my head in the middle of the night. It’s always the quiet ones that sound the loudest in the dark."

He went on to explain "I wanted to make a record that could make you feel less alone, like someone else has been there before you. I was thinking about records like The Ballad of Todd Rundgren and Nick Drake's Bryter Layter and Robert Wyatt's At Last I Am Free and Richard Thompson's Small Town Romance. Those are all records that were a source of comfort to me at various points in my life. They were records that seemed to speak one-on-one, records that weren't trying to sell you anything. It's that old saw about the blues being sad yet making you feel better. None of the songs on Lovesick Blues are traditional three-chord blues, but some of them speak that same emotional language."

Track List:
  • Skin
  • London
  • Astronomy
  • Anyway
  • You n Me n XTC
  • I Wrote This Song For You
  • The Room Above The Bookstore
  • Wintertime
  • Occasional Shivers
  • Lovesick Blues
  • If Memory Serves

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