Sinead O'Connor Vows Silence (Except For Her Music)

Sinead O'Connor may have learned that controversy can detract from your music.

Sinead, who is about to release a new single from her latest album, told presenter Lorraine Kelly of Briatin's iTV that she was enjoying being a musician again and was glad the focus was back on her music. The Dublin based star is known for her outspoken ways and cancelled a tour last year due to her bipolar disorder.

She told Lorraine Kelly; "I think I'm having a great time making music, I'm really enjoying that the live shows are going so well everyone's responded so well to the album and everything so I'm really glad the kind of focus is back on being a musician. So long as I just keep my mouth shut and behave myself..."

Sinead also told Lorraine that she defined success by being true to herself.

"I always say you know it really depends on how you define success. To me success is really can you be yourself, you're working in an arena which can be very vampirical and spiritually slightly dodgy and can you get from one side of the board to the other is the way I see it and still maintain the contract you made with the Holy Spirit before you got here and which you renew constantly along the line, which is basically just be yourself which is all I figure.

"I always say to my kids the only purpose god put you on earth for is to be you 100% you and you are and that's success. Sometimes I that means you may not have fame or a good name or money or stuff but that's not necessarily success do you know what I mean. It's really can you be yourself and be true to your contract."

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