Prince Launches New Website, Releases New Song

Prince has always been an enigma, but he is being especially mysterious the last month or so with out-of-the-blue song releases and, now, a the launching of a brand new website.

The news came suddenly this afternoon via celebrity blogger Dr. Funkenberry, who initially simply posted “Shhh…” with a link to a previously unknown website.

Funkenberry had posted earlier today to announce that Prince was going to be on the cover of Billboard Magazine this week, following their recent announcement that he would be honoured with the Billboard Icon Award in 2013. A couple of weeks ago, the Doc held a webcast with fans to discuss a number of things, including the ongoing mystery of the ’3rd Eye Girl’ and also to discuss the possibility of a new Prince website, potentially with fan involvement.

So with fans thinking that the idea of a new website was still in its infancy, and busy lapping up the various photos, video and audio snippets that 3rd Eye Girl has been posting recently via Facebook and Twitter, the announcement was a surprise to everyone. Social media sites and fan sites dedicated to the purple one are buzzing with excitement tonight, with the new site making it very obvious in its design that there is more to come.

At the moment, there are three videos on the site and nothing else. The first is a lyric video for Screwdriver, a new song that had not been released in full until now. The second is a teaser video for a “Montreux” film, suggesting a video release (or similar) of the two shows Prince performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2009. This would be a huge release, given how fans have pleaded with the star to share this highly-coveted footage for over three years now.

The third video on the site is another promotional one, this time for Andy Allo’s new album, Superconductor, which was produced by Prince. The video plays the single People Pleaser, while listing excerpts from various reviews, kicking things off with a quote from Noise11′s very own review of the album.

Amongst the videos leaked by 3rd Eye Girl was Chapter and Verse, a soundboard recording of a funky jam from one of Prince’s six shows at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis last week.

Earlier this month, she posted a live recording of I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man from one of Prince’s 2012 Chicago concerts. The 1987 song from his Sign O The Times album has been slowed right down and contains a stunning guitar solo – a new way of playing the song that he pioneered during his “Welcome 2 Australia” concerts in May last year.

Nothing that she has posted is currently on the new website, suggesting a desire to keep the two roles separate, with 3rd Eye Girl appearing to remain somewhat of a maverick within the purple camp.

The very latest from Dr. Funkenberry (as this is being typed) is that there is currently a listening party going on in Los Angeles for Prince’s new album.

Given that we’re now quoted on his new website, rest assured that Noise11 will keep you posted.

You’ll need to visit Prince’s new site in order to see the new video for Screwdriver, but the leaked goodies from 3rd Eye Girl are below. Check them out before they disappear!

Chapter & Verse from one of the Dakota Jazz Club shows last week.

I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man from Prince’s “Welcome 2 Chicago” 2012 tour.

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