Preview: Inspiration Information / Wings of Love - Shuggie Otis

Artist: Shuggie Otis
Title:Inspiration Information / Wings of Love
Release Date: April 16, 2013
Label: Epic/Legacy
Format(s): 2-CDs, DD

Shuggie Otis' career seems to be a legacy of lost potential. The son of Johnny Otis (he was born Johnny Otis, Jr.), he was a prodigy on the guitar, playing on his father's records before even reaching his teens. At 15, he was the guitarist on Al Kooper's second Super Sessions album and, at 17, he recorded his first album Here Comes Shuggie Otis. He later would be known as the writer of the Brothers Johnson's Strawberry Letter 23.

His third and last album is the subject of a new release on Epic/Legacy. Inspiration Information is paired in a two-CD set with a new disc of unreleased material called Wings of Love.

The first disc of the set contains the original nine-song album plus four previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1971. The tracks were done at Columbia Studios and at Hawk Sound, the 16-track studio built in the backyard of the Otis family homestead in the West Athens neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The second CD is a new album of 14 previously unreleased live and studio tracks recorded by Shuggie between 1975 and 2000. This is the first new music that the world has heard from Shuggie since 1974.

The album caps an amazing new phase of Shuggie's career, as he emerged from his quiet seclusion in Los Angeles to complete this package and return to the stage. "The Shuggie Otis Rite Tour" commenced in November 2012, with a European trip that included shows in London, Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Dublin. After the UK shows, The Independent hailed Shuggie as a "Musical visionary," while The Guardian called him "A spectacularly gifted musician."

"The Shuggie Otis Rite Tour" carries on through the winter and spring of 2013, beginning in Mexico, then Australia and Japan, culminating with a cross-country North American trip in April.

Track List:

Disk 1: Inspiration Information

  • Inspiration Information
  • Island Letter
  • Sparkle City
  • Aht Uh Mi Hed
  • Happy House
  • Rainy Day
  • XL-30
  • Pling!
  • Not Available
  • Miss Pretty (Bonus Track)
  • Magic (Bonus Track)
  • Things We Like To Do (Bonus Track)
  • Castle Top Jam (Bonus Track)

Disc 2: Wings of Love

  • Intro
  • Special
  • Give Me Something Good
  • Tryin' To Get Close To You
  • Walkin' Down The Country
  • Doin' What's Right
  • Wings Of Love
  • Give Me A Chance
  • Don't You Run Away
  • Fireball of Love
  • Fawn
  • If You'd Be Mine
  • Black Belt Sheriff
  • Destination You!

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