Paula Abdul on Dealing With Chronic Pain

In 2004, Paula Abdul was diagnosed with RSD forcing her to "push through the pain" caused by the nerve condition.

Despite the fairly recent diagnosis, the singer and former US X Factor judge began feeling chronic pain after a cheerleading accident when she was just 17.

Symptoms of the condition include burning pain, excessive sweating, tissue swelling and extreme sensitivity to touch, according to the RSD Syndrome Association website.

"RSD was a big challenge," Paula told US OK! Magazine.

"I faced isolation and the quest for knowledge about what was happening with my body. I had to push through the pain.

"There were some very dark days, and I''m grateful for the people that loved me unconditionally during those times."

Paula, who turned 50-years-old last year, also said that she struggled with self-acceptance in her younger days; however, the twice-married star says she now feels 'fabulous'.

"My life experiences have been such a blessing to me. They've taught me to love myself, and to love all of my glorious imperfections,' she said.

"When I really started to accept myself - short dancer, quirky sense of humor, weird laugh - it helped me to start celebrating all my idiosyncrasies."

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