Motörheadphones Introduced at Consumer Electronics Show

Headphones can't just be the realm of Dr. Dre as far as the band Motörhead is concerned. They are introducing their brand new Motorheadphones at this week's CES in Las Vegas.

Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead hones brand manager Anders Nicklasson will launch the product from the South Hall at the event.

Motörheadphones feature nine products in total, six inner-ear pieces and three headphones. The products will become generally available in April.

About Motorheadphones:
Motörheadphönes will be the first life style brand in the headphone segment that globally will focus on the rock/pop audience, a target group who are critical listeners and goes with the attitude that rock stands for. The Rock audience is by far the largest group of music listeners, according to surveys on what music the consumers are streaming. The headphones have gained much success during the fall/winter launch in Europe and rated top 5 out of ten best headphones in the daily paper The Independent U.K. after two weeks on the market.

Price range will be between $49.99-59.99 for the ear phones and $99.99-129.99 for the headphones. Most models will be smartphone-ready, two of the headphones will be equipped with the new developed microphone ‘Controlizer’, which will be one of the most advanced remote controls on the market. The products will be available on the US market in the end of April 2013.

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