Barry Manilow is the Latest to Not Be Dead

Barry Manilow is alive and well, despite stories racing around the internet.

Manilow was the subject of yet another celebrity death hoax today, “losing his life” on that treacherous Route 80 that also claimed the lives of Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Usher, Vanilla Ice, Tiesto and Harry Styles in the past year.

Barry Manilow Dies In Car Crash” the fake headline heralded.

“Barry Manilow died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell”, the story claimed. “He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the vehicle accident and was identified by photo ID found on his body. Alcohol and drugs do not appear to have been a factor in this accident”.

Some media organisations fell for the hoax and reported the death of Manilow; however, at the time of his reported death near Roswell, Barry was performing his Broadway show at the St. James Theatre in New York.

While waking to news of his own death will no doubt come as a shock to Mr/ Manilow it gets worse. The perpetrators of the story killed him off in a 1996 Nissan Maxima.

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