Review: The Wörld Is Ours, Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else - Mötorhead

by Caludia A

They are Mötorhead and they play rock n roll! Welcome to The World Is Ours Volume 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else, the new live album and DVD by the loudest and most raucous Grammy-winning band in the world!

Like it’s Volume 1 sibling Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else, the new offering comes packed with a multitude of hard-hitting and magnificent Motörmaterial from the band’s hell-raising The Wörld Is Yours tour. What we get on the DVD is Motörhead’s triumphant 2011 headlining appearance in Wacken, Germany, as well as highlights from the UK Sonisphere Festival and the Rock In Rio spectacle.

Let’s start with the Wacken Open Air concert on August 6th. Constant rain didn’t deter the enormous number of German fans from showing their support by cheering and shouting beginning to end. Even Lemmy Kilmister thanked them for staying throughout. Kicking off with Iron Fist, the band blasted through a set of seventeen numbers, with a particularly ferocious guitar solo by Philip Campbell during The Thousand Names Of God.

Lemmy announced the song Going To Brazil as “a real rock ‘n’ roll song” (of course, the band rocked Brazil the following month) and while it was up to Phil Cambell and drummer Mikkey Dee to provide the majority of on-stage fierceness, frontman Lemmy didn’t have to go wild on his bass to exude pure badass-ness. There are only a handful of true rock ‘n’ rollers who are able to exude all of the above, and without going bezerk on stage. Lemmy is definitely one of them. Sporting his trademark outfit, all he had to do was stand there and do his thing, and Wacken went wild. Dripping with sweat (as opposed to the fans who dripped soaked in rain) Meister Kilmister said to the audience that Bomber would be the last song of the evening, followed by some more last songs… After thunderous applause, Motörhead returned indeed for the encore. “I told you I’ll be back, didn’t I?” he grovelled before introducing the others (just in case there were newcomers amongst the masses). The set finally ended with Ace Of Spades and Overkill, much to the dismay of all the Motörhead supporters who gladly would have endured more rain just to hear more songs by this seriously mean trio.

The Sonisphere Festival took place on July 10th, Motörhead being one of the bands playing, with six songs on the DVD. At Sonisphere, the Motörhead show kicked off not only in daylight but with Lemmy announcing the sad news that the previous morning, former Motörhead guitarist Würzel had died of a heart attack. In tribute, Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey dedicated the Sonisphere concert as well as their whole entire lives to Würzel. Creating sonic mayhem straight on with Iron Fist, Lemmy then asked the audience two numbers in whether everyone was having a good time (of course they did!). During Killed By Death a flame-haired buxom beauty joined the trio on stage for some seductively executed fire-eater stunts. Wow. As ever and always, the fans longed to hear Ace Of Spades which Lemmy referred to “this is an oldie but goldie” and invited everyone to sing along – cheekily adding “I can’t hear you anyway”.

The Rock In Rio Show, Brazil, stormed across stage on Sept 25th and the lightshow was similar to the one in Wacken. After Stay Clean and Over The Top Motörhead let their fans know that “this show is dedicated to all you Brazilians in the audience, and thanks for having us back.” They also encouraged their fans to scream and cheer as loud as possible, remarking that their were looking for the loudest audience for the past 35 years. Another killer set and scorching show to treasure on this DVD!

There’s also some bonus material on the disc, comprised of festival impressions and chats with fans and the band. However, the impressions were recorded at the German Wacken festival, and come with various language options. Interesting to note is a brief conversation with Michael Schenker of German hard rock outfit Scorpions, who refers to Motörhead as "rock ‘n’ roll priests" and to Lemmy as a "philosopher".

The audio double disc captures everything that’s on DVD (bonus material) in storm raising volume and damn fine quality.

Motörhead are not just a band, but a way of life. To quote Lemmy, “Rock ‘n’ roll has been around forever, and that’s because it’s f**cking GREAT!”

The World Is Ours: Volume 2 lets you share the spirit of the world’s loudest band in ear-splitting volume.

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