Lil Wayne Beats Elvis Presley on Hot 100.....In His Dreams

by Paul Cashmere

Hype is a wonderful thing. "Lil Wayne Smashes Elvis Presley’s Record for Most Billboard Hot 100 Hits", the Republic Records press release headline reads. What a load of crap.

Lil Wayne’s label is claiming that the rapper has now beaten the King by 109 to 108 singles on the Billboard chart but really the statement is as silly as it sounds.

For starters, Wayne’s 109 titles include songs by other artists that he just featured on. The one that puts him to the top is Celebration, a single by The Game featuring Lil Wayne. Elvis didn’t phone in vocals to other acts like Wayne does.

You also have to consider the different eras. Lil Wayne releases in the digital era so technically every song is a single. Elvis Presley released in the physical era so his singles were only the ones physically manufactured, shipped and then sold in stores.

Also consider the ease of delivery to the consumer for Elvis vs Lil Wayne fans. Elvis fans had to actually go to a store and buy the record after it was decided what would be released and then shipped. Lil Wayne fans can access any song, anywhere, anytime digitally.

Had Elvis or The Beatles or The Rolling Stones (and pretty much any act before iTunes came along) had access to the same technology back in the day do you really think Lil Wayne would be the most successful singles act of all-time? No-way. Lets get real here; the Lil Wayne comparisons should only be made with acts from his same era.

Congrats to Republic Records. You have officially delivered to dumbest press release of the year.


Anonymous said...

Plus, Elvis was the first of his kind, a LOT of kids then were not allowed to buy his records!

Anonymous said...

Dear VVN,

Thank you, finally a Website with the balls and integrity to say it like it is. The article about Lil Wayne passing Elvis Presley's Hot 100 Record is not only deceiving but very twisted in the information it presents. There are so many factors wrong with the article that I don't understand why it was written.

With Elvis Presley being the solo artist on all of his Hot 100 charted tracks and the fact that 31of his songs could not be on the chart because the Hot 100 didn't exist yet, makes the Lil Wayne feat ridiculous to compare to Elvis Presley.

All The Best,
Cory Cooper
Elvis Historian, Consultant, Technical Advisor

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